Makerlog #4 - Certified GCP Security Engineer

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Last week of January, spend most of this week studying for my Google Cloud Certified Cloud Security Engineer exam. I can proudly say I passed! 🎉

GCP has clearly expanded it’s arsenal of security tools. When I started working with Google Cloud we did Secret Management by putting encrypted strings in a Cloud SQL database, now there is a Secret Manager with a handy API to do all that work for you. We also had to maintain a Forseti Instance to have any oversight in our security infrastructure. Now Google Cloud has a Cloud Security Center and some handy tools like IAM recommender to help you set better permissions and Firewall Insights to help you make sense of all those Firewall rules.

And that’s not all. We’ve also seen a clear shift towards hybrid cloud. Running your workloads partly on-prem or in some other cloud. And still being able to use GCP for specific workloads.

Both of these where a big part of the exam.

Diving into all the documentation also gave me a lot of new ideas for posts on I’ll probably spend some time next week transforming my notes to more full fleshed articles.

Next to that I’ve been slowly probing into the Nintendo Power Glove to see how it works and how I want to turn it into something more.