A New Home On The Internet

The internet is full of information. In this day and age we have an overabundance of information. Why would I want to add even more to it? And why would anybody take notice into what I'm writing?

Previously I only had a website on RobinDeNeef.com, it's a website I made while searching for a job and finding freelance clients. I didn't update it for more than a year. The projects that I hosted were taken offline or are not an accurate representation of my current skills anymore. So I felt that the website wasn't serving it's purpose no more. So it's time for a for something new!

My previous website

As most projects go, I had a few requirements:

  • I want it to be my home on the internet, a place where you can go to to find more information about me. An overview of the things I'm working on.
  • I need it to be easily update-able and more re-usability. The previous website was build in plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Creating a new page would've meant making a new HTML page from scratch. On the new website I want to be able to easily post updates, organize my thoughts in a blog post and easily showcase new portfolio work.
  • Don't overthink it. I have the bad habit of over analyzing most things. I want something that I can deploy quickly and edit or fine-tune it later.

The New Setup

If you are reading this it means I have at least found a solution. For now I've settled upon using Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. Using a static site generator ticks a lot of the boxes. I can easily update the website, just add a new file and the static site generator will rebuild the website with the new content. Hugo also support themes and templates which means I can easily change the template and I don't have to update the whole website again. Since I wanted to deploy something quickly I've decided to use an existing theme I've settled upon the LoveIt theme from Dillon. I like it's clean look and it has all the features I need: I can create custom pages, It has social links so I can link to my profiles on other websites, and it has great documentation. This will certainly do for now!